Exxy Legnano

Any high rollers on here who want to dominate this years SnS?

Vintage Italian Legnano Track Frame in Sydney, NSW | eBay


spirito agrees with you it seems.

Oh no! Now I’m repost guy :frowning:

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aahhhhhh, that felt good. been so long!

Make up your mind…

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I disagree with the exxy part. It is one of the most stunning resto’s I’ve ever seen and that particular shade of petrol yellow paint is very hard to get just right with modern paints and clear coats. If this was at the SnS it would have won … by a long margin.

Having seen this and knowing the cost of the rechrome, paint & decals you’re basically getting a frame for free (actually less than cost).

I can’t argue more against the notion the frame is exxy … even Mrs. Spirito asked if it was her size. To me it looks like a bargain, especially when you look at all the rubbish people buy and the proceed to waste further money on. If it was my size and I could have any 5 bikes available in the world this would be one of them. Especially with wacky provenance as during the time this frame was made Emilio Bozzi the owner of Legnano was kidnapped and assassinated by members of the Red Brigade terrorist organisation. Such wacky kudos, cool headbadge, funkiest colour ever, a name that most bogans can’t pronounce … all adds to the mega cool factor.

change the title to Sexxy !!

I actually did think about putting an (s) in front of the title. Don’t get me wrong, I mean exxy only from the perspective of my bank account, in no way do I mean overpriced (otherwise I would’ve chucked it in the Optimist’s Thread). I love the look of Legnano’s and seeing as this is my size I’d be considering it if I had the ca$h.

I would actually like to see this at the SnS

So how come Legonanna get away with the untrimmed track ends?

Fashion of the era? I dunno. I quite like the look of them

I like my Frejus more, it is slighlty more understated but the restoration work by Star is on par. (I really should take some photos…)

But I agree with SPRTO, my frame was about 200 bucks with a $500 resto paint job. So it’s not expensive per se, but also not cheap.

Coz production bike. Won’t make the slightest difference to the ride or function. These, Gios, Frejus and other Italian bikes from the late 60’s and earl 70’s had major charm all of their own … some say crude, I can pay that but they also have so much more funk than the usual suspects.