Ezy in town this weekend

if you’re going to get an app, make sure it’s the public transport victoria ORIGINAL. the latest one fucking blows and they’ve reverted back to using the original one until they can fix the new one. i got it recently and it’s a million times better than the new one.

i think ‘tram tracker’ is meant to be pretty good too.

My mum just touched down in Melbourne. Go hang with her - she is rad.

What room number so we know where to send the 25 pizzas?

Am I the only one to forget it’s Mothers Day? I think I’m already taken… :frowning:

Shiiiiit. Mothers day.

Meh - bring em along.

Hey all. Just in case people were keeping this afternoon free. Something has come up so I won’t be able to make it. Sorry.

what about this evening???

Sorry. Things would just be better if I hung out with the family tonight. Sorry guys.