F#cked Frames

How do you dispose of them?
Cut them up and stick them in the bin?
Take them to the dump?

Call your council.

make “art.”

Give them to novice frame builders to unbuild, cut the rear triangle off and make a chair, hang it on a wall, leave it with SIMSMetal

Leave it out front. Eventually it will re-appear here, powder coated and colour coordinated.

What nexus said: put it out front and see how long it takes to disappear. My record was about 30 mins for a cracked 650c tri-bike.

It took about 2 days for a taco-ed deep-v (rim only) to disappear. I have no idea what people do with this broken shit…

Pile them up in the garage until your partner starts to yell at you.

this forum has just reached a whole new level, a thread in ‘help’ asking how to throw out some rubbish? jesus christ.

There is a metal refuse on Logan Rd I just remembered…I’ll drop it off there

Azz are we talking about the zeus here?
Maybe hang it in the shed as a reminder to never stick your foot in the front wheel again


10 char


^^ I’m going to do that.
Regarding the foot in the front wheel thing, I’m glad my antics have kept you all amused. :wink:
My knee is turning a nice green colour now which is nice and a pleasant change from the purple/black colour that it was.

Maybe they wanted to make a few bottle openers

I put a suicide hub out of true rear wheel + some skidded through gatorskins out for hard rubbish.

They went straight away.

Trick a hipster that NODO WNTUBE is the new hip thang.

And makes for a surprisingly subtle ride.


yeh thats cool