f-ing rain!!!

… wow,

posting in suddenly epic thread…

i dont hate the rain per se, just the fact that drivers seem to receive instant lobotomies as soon as those firt drops start to fall. Motorists become way more open to risk taking behaviour ie. running reds, just so they can get home quicker and get dry. On the other hand there are the people who drive at 30km/hr under the speed limit or slam on the brakes for an amber signal. Precipitation=lamentation

Wet weather means the trail to work turns to mud, which means the cross bike comes out for the commute.

It’s the cold mornings in Hobart that are shitting me. Started on March 1, just like clockwork.

Hey Harry, what can you set your watch by?

perth just got its fair share of fucked-on-ness, my room = ankle deep