Facing headtube/bb - have you done it to yours?

Just curious to see how many people actually get a new build/re-painted frame faced?

Always. I also run a tap through the bidon mounts and any rack/guard eyelets.

B: i knew you would mate =) But is that because youve had issues with non-faced headtubes/bb? or because its what you’re ‘suppose’ to do?

It takes so little time to do and ensures your bearings aren’t misaligned, why wouldn’t you (unless it’s a total beater)?

Not a huge deal for cartridge BBs as the cart shell holds both bearings in line, but much more important for cup/cone & ext cups.

I did it myself on my current build. I’m pretty sure I did a shit job. But I’m also not entirely fussed. The $14 headset can’t be that good anyway