Vintage Mens Italian Steel Faggin Bike Bicycle Adel. Campagnolo Cinelli 1980,s | eBay

this is sweet, patina and all.

And we pronounce this as fa-zheen, amI correct?

yes, fah-jheen or fah-djeen

A good Italian Marque, or a poor cousin to the Derosas and Colnagos?
Looks the goods with the pantos 'n’stuff.

MOTHERFUCKER! I know the seller and tried to buy this just before I bought my Viner. I wanted a pink bike with Faggin on it, but he wouldn’t sell.

Can vouch for the seller, one of the Adelaide “collectors” (not so much anymore), but a good dude.

It’s tough to compare marque’s but I’ve never seen one I didn’t like. I think they are good frames and would rather one than a Colnago. Distinct, look well made and classic Italian. The seller (Rolf) is a good guy to deal with too.

Nah the seller is Ralph, not Rolf (who is a good guy too, as is Mario).

Ralph, Rolf … whatevs :wink:

Oooh, that’s a bannin’.

Oops … here’s s puppy pic to make amends and beg mercy.

I’m a Labrador or German Shepherd man…

Some relevance to us in Oz is that Faggin was a frame/bike company started by brothers Marcello and Leandro Faggin in the mid 60’s just prior to Leandro passing away in 1970 (aged 37). Leandro won 2 Olympic gold medals at the '56 Melbourne Olympics and numerous other world titles on the track. Pics below of the green bike (labelled Di Bartolemei) are of the actual bike Leandro rode to Gold downunder and it’s now in the safe hands of an Oz collector. It’s actually a very early Masi (Faliero) and highly prized.

The auction bike above is obviously made after Leandro’s death but the marque was always well regarded in Italy, and never really marketed much worldwide except for the US where it had a few different distributors in the late 70’s and early 80’s including Excel Sports and Torelli imports. I think it’s cool, and collectable without having any mystique (and inflated prices) of the obvious big names. I don’t know if either of the Faggin brothers actually built frames. More than likely they were contract built by one of the many regional builders in the Padova & Veneto regions of Italy.

No way this is goin cheap now with Spirito’s endorsement…

Holds more weight than a Prolly endorsement

Yeah, cheers Spirito.
Doin a bit of research meself. Seems to be mid range type frame, with many of them lower end columbus and tre tubi configuration.
Found a pic somewhere of the daughters of the original builder brazing stuff up.Seems they trained and worked the business too.
Interesting to see how high it goes , given it’s (cough,cough) patina. I like a little patina , but this one is pretty weathered.

^^ yeah patina can be nice, but i would have no hesitation in repainting this.

Quoted for truth! I think i have seen a faggin track bike in Melbourne

Black with a white fork? A friend of mine had one and sold it to some dude who ruined it.

Quite possibly the owner looked like a professional njs walker

Asked a Q,

Hi Dave;I am unsure what the bottom bracket is as its 10+ years since I played with it but shell is cast with Faggin made in Italy similar to the Cinelli ones. Cups have no markings that I can see and do not want to pull cranks etc off to check it, sorry. I did pull out the seatpost and as best I as can measure its 27. Hope this si of some small help.Regards Ralph