Fakes on ebay?

RED 3 K Force Carbon Seatpost 27.2 30.8 31.6 350mm Bontrager 3T Merida Giant NEW | eBay

Looking at a K-Force seatpost, these China based sellers are all fakes, right?

If it seems to good to be true it probably is. I remember someone mention fake Thomson parts coming out of china for a while.

I reckon Chinese fakes make up a sizable amount of ebays items nowadays. They don’t seem to be doing anything to stop them cos they’re making heaps of fees off them.

Looks fake - there are heaps of fake 3T products on ebay as well. Sucks

Yeah it does suck. They need to clean up ebay.

any ad that has more/bigger colourful text than images of the actual item is probably maybe going to possibly be fake

Good call. My new rule is that if the item is located in China, it’s probably fake.

or anywhere that specifies the location as ‘default, default, honk kong’

probably? possibly? don’t commit too much Brah!

LOL, I have a rule not to buy from anywhere that uses primary colours and yells at me. FUCK YOU HARVEY!

just buy old campag.

haha he’s not even Italian!

Its all made in china. Well most of it anyways.