Fangio Track with sugino super mighty

Fangio Track Bike hmmmmmmmmmmm

That one’s listed on here by used bumnut.

Yeah thats mine… my repost/price change/edits I’ve attempted to post don’t ever seem to get done which is frustrating. So it’s on gumtree.

If no love I’ll take the cranks off and chuck it on ebay separately.

just gotta ask a mod with a link and we’ll bump it for you.

all done now.

Don’t know how I missed that… Good luck with the sale looks interesting!!

Cool thanks Rolly, I guess I haven’t kept up with the rule changes.

it’s a really annoying “feature” of the software, we can’t force thread starters replies/edits to be auto approved. very frustrating for us as well.

SOLD!! THe guy that just picked it up said he’s adding it to his collection, and has a very big collection. Now I’m curious! I still have the cranks so i’ll clean em up and be selling them.