Farking Cars

Got dam t-boned last night. Cracked frame but no cracked bones.
Driver says “looked for cars but didn’t look for cyclists”
No shit sherlock.


Ah that is shit. Good to hear you are all good though. Hopefully you will get a new frame out of it.

Must have been the night for it; nearly got cleaned up as some wanker took off early from a hook turn.

Good to hear you are okay.

Not the cross bike? :-o

badluck evan!

not the BMC!

insurance time my friend, let me know if you want some pointers :wink:

Yep the crossbike.
2 cracked chainstays.


Sorry to hear this but glad you’re okay! :slight_smile:

That sucks… glad you’re ok



No excuse to close the store when I need some bar tape!
Hope you’re ok and getting your bike sorted asap.

sucks doesnt it…
i got hit by a fuking p plater junkie on my way home from school on monday.
front wheel of my mtb is screwed :x

Sounds like an admission of fault to me… are you likely to get a payout?

The dude was pretty good. Waited till the girl came in the ute to pick us up and loaded the bike. He went straight down to the cop shop and dobbed himself in. P plater driving mums car with insurance.
Was a bad fuckin day all up. Been crook with a cold, hit by a car then the girl backed the ute into her car leaving the drive to come get me. Then 4 hrs in hospital.
The nurse that saw me said her bro Liam is courier in town. If your out there Liam tell your siss she is awesome with a hyperdermic.