Farleigh Track bike

Well here is my track bike, far from finished but I had to get pics urgently so I could complete my Media S.A.T. Specs:

Frame: Farleigh Track Frame. Scarlet/gloss white/matte black lugs.
Fork: Farleigh un-drilled track 700c.
Wheels: (f) Shimano WR-560 16 spoke. (r) suzue promax on Sun M13II.
Tyres: Vittoria Rubino PRO red, 700x23c.
Handlebars: Nitto B123AA aluminium NJS 36cm.
Stem: Nitto Jaguar NJS 95mm 58 degree STEEL.
Grips: Champ super long grip, red.
Brakes: Bah, you wish!
Headset: P.O.S
Cranks: Sugino Mighty competition 171mm.
Chainring: Sugino Mighty competition 50 tooth.
Sprocket: unknown 15 tooth.
Chain: KMC Z.
Pedals: Crank Brothers Smarty.
Seat: Selle San Marco Ayamo.
Ratio: 50-15…90 Gear inches!

Urgently need to upgrade headset and BB, both are completely rooted and makes riding it very difficult. The paint is also in very poor condition and needs touching up around the lugs and in certain areas. Eventually Ill upgrade the seatpost to a less heavy and beastly model. It is still a bit big but thats ok as I don’t plan on riding it until next year as a Uni commuter and get into track racing. My commute is about 30km of flat and non busy riding so I think it is pretty much ideal.Here are some pics (from far away so you can’t see the dodginess of the paint.) Click to make em bigger.

Nice! Got those garden parts pics done yet?? :wink:
Whereabouts in Melbourne do you live anyway?

I do believe I saw you rolling down Victoria st Brunswick the other day.

I live in Williamstown, left the garden pics out for this forum as there is no Bowlo to make fun of :stuck_out_tongue:

And erle, yes it was me most likely, I probably looked like the biggest fool pushing 90 inches, without cycling shoes, an incomplete and totally rubbish headset meaning I had almost no control over the bike at all and was wobbling all over the place, and the frame is slightly too large still.

Was that you and a friend outside a cafe wearing cycling hats? I saw two guys and two fixies near the station.