Farsports Carbon CX wheels.

Hey folks,
just over 100km and my stock cross wheels (http://www.wiggle.com.au/fulcrum-racing-sport-disc-brake-alloy-clincher-wheelset/) have a crunchy bearing. I was planning on upgrading them soon anyway, so I got a quote on some wheels from here: http://www.farsports.cn/product/index.php/type_id-49.html

There is a $350 difference between the novatec hubs and the dt swiss 240s. I’ve had the Novatec hubs on a road bike before but never on a disc brake bike.

Does anyone have experience with these novatec hubs, and is the quality difference negligible?
Noting our dollarydoo is in the toilet, what would people recommend as an alternative?

Replace crunchy bearing?

Tried Yoleo as a comparison of China wheels?

All my experiences with Novatec Road & Track hubs have been great. Have had about 5 pairs. Just do it

How do you get crunchy bearings after 100km? I only just replaced a set that had done the best part of 10K

Cones too tight?

DICE, Probably just a faulty bearing because I’m generally not too tough on my equipment.

Pete, thanks for the advice beyond what I was asking for, but

because they are heavy as F. I will obviously replace the bearing and not throw the whole wheelset out.

Henri I will email them, thanks for the tip.

DT-240’s are pretty much bullet proof, they’ve been copping a flogging in MTB circles for years and coming through smelling like roses.

Novatec have great spare part availability, pretty sure my old GT branded ones were Novatecs and they were still going strong when I sold them on to Lachlan.

Me, I’d go DT’s.

got DT Swiss 350s (poor mans 240s) - can’t fault em.

crunchy bearing in rear?
that dust cover plate thing on the NDS is a hunk of crap. shit gets in either side of it and makes a racket. the freehubs on them are also attrocious (similar to the fulcrum wheels stock on specializeds).

ive seen good and bad things with novatechs. i’ve never seen a bad thing with 240s(180/190s/reynolds freehubbed 180 are a different story). i’d go dt 350s if they were an option? weight difference is negligible and both are flawless.

I have a set of FSE 50mm road wheels with Novatec’s. Can’t fault the hubs. The rims develop a massive death wobble in cross winds so I barely use them any more though.

low end fulcrums have only a seal on the outer side, so they fvck out quickly, not this quick though

another plus for DT240s, never had an issue, smooth as heck and pretty strong considering my 90kgs. These were on the roadie laced to some flashpoint/zipp 80mms

Get craftworx to build you something?

there are a set of novatechs that have done a large amount offroad of kms under myself and some other ‘go long’ riders. they have had the rear bearing replaced once and still seem to be doing ok. pretty sure the freehub has been done at least once as well.

my current CX wheels have novatechs and apart from a front bearing replacement they are still going great. thats after 2.5 seasons and a fair few gravel grinders.

having said that… my next set will have 350s… bang for the buck is excellent and they come in thru-axle now too. if the dollar was better id go 240s.

THIS! thru axle is convertible to QR if you’re worried about future proofing but currently have QR, I’m about to order a set of 350s, maybe there’s a group buy here…