Fat Chance Kickstarter

Not sure if this has been raised , if so feel free to delete, but Chris Chance is resurecting Fat Chance Bicycles


I’m too poor and lack the skills to justify a sweet as frame but someone should buy one so I can live vicariously through them and the power of the internet.

Prolly probably will.

Mtb history, very cool.

I’ll just get some shirts, at $250 each it’s a bargain.

I saw this the other day, was interested to see it on Kickstarter. On my list of things that could possibly called a “sure thing”, Chris Chance successfully producing and selling frames named Yo Eddy would be way up there. But then again, maybe not :slight_smile:

Just for discussion.

Not knowing too much about this history behind it all - Why is this such a big deal? Why does he need to get his business that had it’s time in the limelight but for whatever reasons, failed to continue in the past… kickstarted?

Good question Liam, I too am interested in the reasoning here. You’d have to start asking why it failed the first time and why this time would be any different.
Good luck to him anyway.

Times changed but basically he started the whole high bb, steep angles short stay nimble Mtb.

My only concern with this is he’ll be building 27.5" and 29" bikes, when all the Fat Chance stuff was 26" IIRC.

There’s a bit of a difference between build requirements for the bigger wheel sizes.

i’m just mildly surprised that he seems to be on track to easily reach his goal, without even a picture of a finished bike frame. i know he has the background to not have to prove himself, but people are visual and like to see exactly what they are getting. also, no rigid fork option?

yeah, I thought the yo eddy segmented fork would get people along

The only info I need in regard to this business venture - if indeed you can call begging for money a business venture - is as to whether Sime will be into this.

Once I know everything else will fall into place.

The $2,500 is just a tad expensive. If it included a segmented fork, then I would be “more interested”.

BITD they were innovative for about 5 seconds until the world caught up, then they were just expensive with flashy paint and didn’t really innovate at all for the bulk of the 90s until the bowdlerised remains of the company fell over in 1999. Classic bike of the 90s off-road Fred.

$2.5k is ridiculous for a production frame, $5k is taking the f–king piss.

Not even a picture of a bike, no geometry, paint schemes even, but Fanboi Freds are lining up to plunk down their dollars. Batshit crazy.

Personally I’d be more likely to buy a Re-Re 90s Yo.

Rhino, if its segmented forks that really interest you, Sean of Rawland has been leaving hints that the second generation Stag with 825 tubing may have segmented forks because they give better control over his production - he’s had a few hassles with crown casting quality causing delays in the past.

Apparently they have said they will do a segmented fork. Presumably this would be in a production run after the frames because they will be working their contractor/s pretty hard to get 250-odd bikes knocked out before August…