Fat chance x softride

Fat Chance Serial 1 Prototype 1994 Nice Build 1 of A Kind Vintage Ride | eBay

Has been sold a couple of times over the last 5 years

WTF?? why?!

i taste vomit in my mouth,but got a mate i ride with that will love this

I’m not much on soft tails but this is totally rad!

Soft tail? That thing is a beamer!

I have never ridden an MTB beam, I can only imagine it would be terrfiying. The beams have to be set up with sag, so when on singletrack, unweighting the saddle to flick the bike around a bit, the saddle will follow you up, and up, and up. I reckon I ran 5cm+ of sag on my road softride. The stem is, however, awesome on singletrack if you are willing to twist the bars a little at turn in.

Rack mounts… nice.