Father's Day

soo, what you all big daddy’s get/get to do?

iPod 32g touch and some guilt free alone time in the man cave for me.

my old man is a dead beat junkie, i hope he gets a dirty shot for fathers day.

I got breakfast in bed, it was the thought that counted.

I have a hangover.

My first father’s day. Went out for coffee with my girls, and am getting ready for an afternoon of bike polo and craft beers.

Leave pass last night to the 'G to drink beer & watch the Sainters cane the Blues;
Sleep in this morning;
Brekky feast of cornmeal pancakes, maple syrup, bacon & coffee (Mrs Commuter is a Canuck and therefore a pancake savant );
Home made cards from my boys (including an awesome home made pokemon with heaps of damage and HP);

It’s all good here.

Who the shit gave you breakfast in bed?! And more importantly, where’s mine?

Hogwarts crest black tee
Daryl lea licorice allsorts
Cadbury faves
BBQ tools

and the coolest thing of all these TT racing cars my eldest made at school.


Breakfast in bed. Lovely cards, Hankies + hilarious “world’s best dad” labelled bidon, cool voucher book for various jobs around the house inc getting a child to feed dog for a month, keep room tidy etc. Like that’ll last. Wife went to buy a kg from coffee supreme yest but they were closed.

i’m catching up with my old man tonight. my presence is his present.

Mrs Beaker woke up with gastro, so I’m spending the day looking after her and trying to keep 16 month old Junior Beaker as far away from her as possible.

Early 50km ride, got home to find 400W halogen work lights on stand waiting. Then a trip to the Zoo with the three kids and wife. Ah, life.

First sleep-in in 12 months, big breaky, beers in front of motor racing docos this afternoon, slow roasted lamb shanks for dinner, better than my birthday!

My boy is cashing in on the action and keeping me company while the girls are out, pitty its raining today in Perth today, a ride would top today off beautifully.

It’s good to be dad!

aaaah gastro…the gift that keeps on giving…

I got an the ice storm on DVD, oven tongs and a painted oven mit to go with it. But the best present was was watching my daughter play with the tongs pretending to be a croc.

Pancakes with banana, bacon and maple syrup for breakfast. A quick ride this morning and later watched a movie with the kids. Apparently, slow roasted leg of lamb tonight with a bottle of fancy red. Not a bad day all up.

Noosa farmers market with my old boy for coffee and food got him cadbury dairy milk and a new bike work stand.

Kicked off with a 40k ride, got a guitar stand from my daughter, met up with friends for lunch, put a new chainring on the McBain, now kicking back with home brewed porter…life’s good.

My brother and I took mum out bowling. My sister didn’t want to come. My girlfriend isn’t doing anything today either, cos her dad’s dead. Maybe I’ll go play the sims at hers?
One thing’s for sure, my dad gets NOTHING

I spent yesterday digging holes in my dad’s back yard with him, in preparation for 4 posts to make a vertical vegie garden/wall thingy!
My sis, her hubby and 2 girls came round as well, for lunch, and dad cooked a bbq.
I played with my 2.5 yr niece for few hours and all round had a great day!
Today I rode track this morning and tricks this arvo. It’s been a good weekend.