Fattest lock-ring I've ever seen

I love Profile Racing parts, pity I can’t afford 'em though.

Fat lock ring

$250.00 USD for the set, 120mm or 130mm wide


if u want fat lockring…look on ebay for EAI lockring they r twice as fat as Shimano DA lockring.

thats the fattest i’ve seen too.

Why so ffffffffffat? If you have a look at the pics on the site you can see the thread hasn’t engaged completely when it’s installed with a cog, the rest is just a waist isn’t it? Am I missing something here :expressionless:

Probably so your lockring spanner has some ‘purchase’? And at $US250 a pair, its a deal, its a steal…

more details in construction of the hub.

…it’s sale of the fucking century. Infact, fuck it Nick, I think I’ll keep it…

I <3 that movie

GarthMc, thank you! :slight_smile:

Now let me feel the fibre of your fabric :mrgreen: