Faux Sarto

My DengFU FM028 china carbon build.

Have been following the (currently) 6 threads on china carbon frames for a while now, and the feed back has been quite positive so was able to pickup one up second hand, but in super good nick.

Im sure people have their opinions on china carbon frames so more then happy to discuss (at length) if people have personal experience either good or bad.

Im no racer, for me, its weekend rides to stretch the legs and get the blood flowing.

Put 100kms on it last weekend for an intial mock up run, make sure everything was ok, and it did great in my opinion. So pulled it apart and just waiting on a few bits to finish it off.

Vinyls by Goran aka user Kaaos who hooked me up with vinyls on the Mcbain. Super happy with the vinyls. If anyone is wondering, ‘Sarto’ is an italian mob who handmake highend carbon frames. I came across them over at RBW and just liked the look of em, i know some people are iffy on putting brands on no name carbon but im happy with how it came out. Was initially gonna go matte rattle can but out of pure lazyness to get it resprayed i stuck with the factory gloss on naked carbon. Kinda glad i did =)

Will be transferring my record 10 spd and fulcrum racing 3s over, picked up a fizik arione and some deda stem and bars on route.

So initial pics



I want some vinyls cut for my wheels…I have a vector file already done too… Got his email address?

kanye, he’s a member here - pm Kaaos.

could mods pls move this thread to the for sale section


What’s the frame weigh jase out of intrest?
Is the seat post at you height?

funnily enough i havnt weighed it yet, will do so in the next few days.

As for the height, i bought it off a fella who was about 9cm taller then me, seems he must have shorter leg propprtions because with cleats its a pretty good fit for me.

Done 100kms like this, test set up with some borrowed bar/stem before taking it apart over the weekend.

We rode past one of these this morning with Wilier stickers on it.
I like a bit more colour when it comes to bikes, but that looks pretty good. Two guys from my club have ridden one of these each for around two years with no problems. They are built like colombian climbers, but they ride their bikes hard. If it’s cheap enough, you don’t have much to lose.

Also, seeing as how this is a Faux Sarto, I propose a motion that the name be changed to Farto. With haste!

i shoudl hijack your thread with a pic of my chinese ‘fake layup’ frame

its been sitting in my spare room unused for 6 months

might make it into a sweet fixay and not ride it

hah the more view counts the merrier bruh =D

Well the number to beat is kanye’s 45 or somthing.

so my deda bar/stem came in, but stupid me i forgot to look for the correct angle, i assumed it would be the same as the itm’s i borrowed. I want something a little more horizontal, will probably grab the quattro 2

NOt reversible? The stem that is…

thats already the negative side.

That angle is the same as your tt it’s ok if you want the bars lower pull some spacers out or flip the stem and de badge it.

considered that, but i was super comfy with previous stem so i wanted to replicate it. Plus ribble has some awesome prices on the quattro’s

A lower drop stem will be the same as taking some spacers out as far as fit and comfort it just looks different

Most of them are kanye though :wink: