favourite usernames.

i’m quite fond of the username “dannyglover”, but i think he’s getting too old for this shit.

Patrick Swayse FTW :mrgreen:

Dolphin Abuse

Handsome James

Huge (needs to change to Hugs though).

Wasn’t there a ‘bloodfart’ once? :roll:

Name: .Bloodfart
Last Active: February 22, 2009, 09:45:22 AM

long gone!

Godzilla Bukkake, is def ome of my favs

the username or the dvd? :evil:

by popular demand. Done

but I think you should change yours to zoltan

But it’s ZoltaR!

Big was on Channel 72 the other night. :wink:

ha, i saw a bit of Big the other nite, was disappointed to see that it was in fact zoltar.

i also simultaneously like and dislike “slippyfist”

yet you are “…the enemy of ambiguity”?

there’s a difference between ambiguity and indecision!

or is there?

could go either way…

I think theres indifference between ambiguity and indecision

GIF removed in the interest of good taste. Think someone else may have used my account.

Pretty sure i find that really offensive

welcome back

that couple looks like a couple I know…

I mean REALLY looks like them.


(and welcome back, you still want those bar tapes? b/c I forgot to order them)