FBM: The Sword

After some musical earnings I decided to lash out on my very own new frame!
FBM The Sword, so here it is. Not very interestingly photographed.


Frame: FBM The Sword - 2009 “dropouts” - S&M Seat clamp

Wheelset: front - looseball, silver low flange velocity radially to deep v
rear - cartridge, sealed, high flange black velocity to deep v

Crankset: Sakae Royal 165mm on NJS Shimano BB with cycleunderground chainring

Pedals: Shimano Ultegra/105 clipless

Saddle: Brooks B17 std.

Steering: Scott CR1 fork, Bilt Stem, Soyo grips on no-name bars

baha love it, what are sword frames like? heavy?

It’s not light on paper… But i’ve got the carbon forks… and the whole thing is lighter than the conversion I’d built which supplied most of the parts. So, not super light - but not very very heavy either.

shit man i just remembered i was gonna look for a brake for you wasnt i? will get on to it in the morning.

bike looks sweet - the frame is much smaller than i was expecting. the short stem makes it look a bit strange though…

i’m looking forward to a ride!

whoa, that fork + beasty stem reminds me of Arny!

Looks wicked fun to ride

mad mad mad
fbm make bmx stuff so hopefully this things unbreakable