Feb 1977 Carlton Chromer

am i the only one too dumb to know how to put photos in posts still?


Its nice to have a bike from a marque that has a serial number DB online :slight_smile:

56TT 57ST butted 531 throughout, campy ends and tips, a mix of whacky, whacky bits… airlite, normandy, campag, velocity, zeus, 3ttt, cinelli, EBW, TA spec… and thats without me even trying to get the diversity happening :slight_smile:

Damn nice…

That fork crown looks sweet…

No, your not the only one, I feel I’m missing the really big “post pics here” button somewhere :smiley:

it is :slight_smile: the crown (NOT tabs) go about two inches down the inside of the blades

A side note on the frame… tried to get my 126mm road fixed hub in there to give it a spin tonight… absolutely no way those ends were gonna spread. dunno if its the long points or the oversize seat stay bridge, but its one very, very solid rear end.


How are ya? Where ya been?

Go on JP, do tell more of the story of this bike!

BR, $300. Sorry if this is pissing on your parade JP. Nice bike. I was looking at it yesterday. Pretty damn light for the size.

oh, also…


$300??? i paid $750!! :roll:

I ummed and ahed a lot about grabbing it, but am happy to have picked it up in the end, and, like all other bikes, it’ll be sold before i leave in (hopefully) dec.

Really? Huh. Maybe it was something else I was looking at. Whatever, that’s a lovely bike you have there.

That geom just looks fantastic, so simple and I bet it handles 10x better than … I wont say it!
Nice work JP!
Maybe you could give it to you your big brother to look after while you are OS, I am sure he wouldnt mind!

heheh, nah, mate its the same one :slight_smile: what stopped you from grabbing it?
for those who (like me) didnt know, EBW is williams, i think its up as a comment on flickr and guys at bikeforums confirmed it.

an uncharacteristic exercise of self-control. i think i actually may have too many bikes at the moment. besides, that kinda vintage isn’t really my thing. if i was going to build another track bike at the moment, it would probably be alloy (!).