Feb: Victoria Police will be focusing on vulnerable road user safety

Victorian Police Operation

During the month of February, Victoria Police will be focusing on vulnerable road user safety across central Melbourne, Port Phillip, Yarra, Boroondara and Stonnington local government areas.
The Amy Gillett Foundation is an active stakeholder in supporting this Victoria Police operation aimed at reducing road trauma involving pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists through education and awareness. It is not about solely targeting these road users’ behaviour - it’s about the behaviour of all road users.
Victoria Police will be enforcing all road rules, which are about increasing the safety of our pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders.
The operation will run on 14 days throughout February with about 80 police a day working across inner Melbourne, including local police, as well as members from the State Highway Patrol, Operations Response Unit and Regional Bicycle Patrols.
These areas are being targeted due to high rates of road trauma with vulnerable road users. Analysis shows the targeted local government areas are high risk for this road trauma throughout February.

On the face of it, it looks better than the many ‘cyclist blitzes’ we experienced last year.

Needs a name, Operation Be Warned?

That should fix this, NOT…
Road carnage starts early on Victorian roads | Herald Sun

The carnage prompted senior police and the TAC to plead for road users to take more care.

TAC senior manager for road safety and marketing John Thompson said 28 preventable deaths - most of which occurred on high-speed roads above 80km/h - was tragic.

Saw them today on Macarthur Street outside parliament!

Operation Halo? pfft. Lame.

Operation Warnie has a nice ring to it

I’d love to see the occasional cop car on the yarra boulie. I went for a ride with the wife on Monday and she was shocked at the crazy shit motorist were doing on that road. some guy had his piece of shit Camry on two wheels around a corner. I don’t ever recall seeing a cop car on that road and everyone know its a great road to hoon!

3 bike cops just went down High street heading towards Chapel street.

Guessing this is part of the operation…

They were booking cars on the Chandler Highway this morning…YES! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Hopefully, they swung by the boulie as well.

Operation About Fucking Time !

Saw a fella in blue on chandler as i was heading to Mt P last night, he fresh air’d Us

Guy i was with said “fucking pigs” why would you want to say g’day to them for.

I lol’d

Agree. Every time i ride there i see at least one absolute retard on a motorbike / in a car hooning around.

‘Operation be Warned’ was coined last night. Like it.

Koff, koff.

yes pls.

Jelmer it was me who said it, after reading it on here.

In future I will quote all sources

aimed at reducing road trauma involving pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists through education and awareness.

so let me get this straight.
pigs will be issuing fines to pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists?
to keep them safer?
from what?

or are they actually saying they’re going to target the drivers who cause all the mayhem?
i can’t see this as anything but another cash grab

Apparently, this operation is to protect we ‘vulnerable’ road users. Just don’t pull any stupid shit in front of them and get done as well.

I’m giving them the thumbs up whenever I see them !

Saw 2 this morning at the crossing between Crown and entrance to Jeff’s shed. There cunning, hidding behind the steps on the left hand side ready to pounce.

I assumed it was part of this ‘blitz’ but I had an un-marked cop car come to a blaring halt outside work today after chasing a dumb fuck who was smashing it down the footpath on High St with no helmet on. I lol’d. About time too. The amount of times idiots have almost collected my customers as they leave the store is stupid.

Where abouts do you work rooster? I frequent high street daily

Human Powered Cycles. Opposite the Croxton. Bestest pub in the world…