Feedback For NEW Fixie Model!

G’day guys!

I’d like to thank all of you for your help and feedback for our last fixie, the Cing1e, this time we’re bringing another fixie in and want your constructive thoughts and feedback!

Please click the link to have a look at more pics and give us your thoughts! This bike is probably going to be around $599, but final price will be determined by exchange rates, etc.

If you are interested in Pre-Ordering (we’re thinking of throwing in a Soma Tool bottle & Pedros Trixie tool, as well as some SOMA Steel Core levers), feel free to contact me.

CELL Bikes (mark)

many people don’t like bull horns, so would be good to give an option on handlebar style (flat,risers,track drops, bullhorns).

i don’t like the white cranks personally (but i’m not big on white everything bikes).

otherwise looks pretty good.

Compared to the Cringe or Crumple or whatever it was called, the quality looks heaps good.

Lots of pluses over the previous offer.

Can it bar spin?

I’d defiantely steer clear of the horns but apart from that it looks good. Nice work on the clip on cable holders, clean if you don’t want that rear brake.

Yeah, I don’t really like bull horns like those (I like the Nitto RB021’s and the Mavic-style ones), and pointing up they look a little awkward as well. A nice riser bar or some track drops would finish this nicely (in my opinion).

Also, I’m not a fan of liquid-paper (all white) bikes.

But for $600 complete, you can’t really complain.

White does seem to be the fashion colour atm. I like the cranks. Bullhorns, meh. Overall, a good looking package. Good price too.

Yeah looks alright.

One comment though, I think if you’re going to advertise it, it would look a lot better using a larger frame. Aesthetically, larger frames look a lot better. The short head tube + lots of spacers looks weird.

just my 2c.

silver post does look a little out of place with the white stem.
(sorry can’t help myself)

Cheers Guys for your fast feedback! Wish I would’ve asked you guys first about the bullhorns when we were first spec’ing this bike!

We’re actually coming out with 2 more bikes in the near future as well, with the MALLET dropping in around 18 August!

We’ve got in the pipeline a really sweet steel lugged fixie that will have polished, chrome plated lugs. I’ve seen the sample pics and it looks really sweet!

When I designed the MALLET, I spec’d it with bigger, stronger tubes, so it’ll be solid, but not too heavy!

Originally the MALLET was going to be able to do barspins, but it would’ve pushed back the delivery date by heaps! So, it has the same geometry as the Cing1e. So if you want to do barspins, you’ll need to get a 650 wheel!

Keep you feedback coming! It’s much appreciated, thanks guys.
CELL Bikes (mark)

The bullhorns are good!

It is by far the most versatile bar you can use (apart from road drops w/hoods), of course some of the guys are complaining that there is no “drop” but its all about personal preference. If people don’t buy the bike simply because it has bullhorns… obviously there’s something wrong with their reasoning…

Handlebars are the easiest things to change on a bike, and with the use of the cross levers switching bars should be a breeze.

Yeah, the pic is just a quick pic from the factory, when we actually get them here, we’ll have a pic of the 59cm.

CELL Bikes (mark)

Would love to see the pics for this!!!
Yeah, that’s what I was thinking with the bullhorns as well, when I spec’d those. From my point of view, I’m trying to bring something to the market that will want to get people to ride it, who may not have tried riding single speed or fixed before!

I used to have the idea and thought that riding fixie was exclusive and had a kind of ‘secret’ or ‘private’ club/gang mentality, but now I’m just happy to try and get people out and riding! I’m not saying that riding fixed or single speed is better than another form of riding, but I’d like people to try it and have a go.

After riding fixies and single speeds for 15 years and from my courier days, have always loved bullhorns and riser bars. I couldn’t get the authorisation for the riser bars on a fixie yet, but sooner or later it’ll happen!

Not to get all sentimental, but I remember back in the day when we were wacking different parts and stuff on bikes not because it looked cool, but because we were broke and could only use the parts that were available to us, i.e. piece of a road bike here, mountain handlebar shifter there…so perhaps the birth of the flatbar road bike/fixie may have been influenced out of necessity and practicality. Funny how something that seemed strange 10 years ago is now being made on purpose, hahaha.

Anyway, thanks for all the great feedback!

Most people want to change their new bike, to add some of themself to the equation. I know I do. So the bars aren’t a big issue.

more threads like this please.

It will sell like hotcakes. Nice work Mark.

hahahaha…‘cringe’ or ‘crumple’…those names are GOLD…you made my day! in farkin (rotorburn) we’re known as ‘smell’ bikes to some, so hopefully we’ll be able to change some people’s opinions in the future…however, Kona does have the ‘stinky’, so maybe there’s no issue at all? …OK! the CELL ‘smell’ is on its way! Our new urban bike!

Hell, I’m constantly changing stuff on my bikes, even though I tell my girlfriend that I’m complete done and I don’t need buy anything more.

I mean, I don’t really need a new saddle / bars / grips / pedals / etc…

Yeah fixters love to upgrade, custom and pimp out their bike so whatever handlebars are on there prob wont be for long-i know i’d be throwing on some nice drops as soon as i got it!! looks great for the money.

I’m hanging out for this chrome lug addition :-o

make it as detailed as this and i’ll buy four.

i’m now on the fourth handlebar on my Cing1e!

Can’t really tell from that image. Can I have one to test ride for you?