Feel The Rush ....

So happy for Cam Meyer, and sorry for Goss. Enjoyed this years race but if the play that fvckin’ soft rock theme song again next year i’m gonna stab someone in the livers. Seriously that’s a national embarrassment in what otherwise is a perfectly run event.

Hat’s off to McEwan - he can still shuffle and sneak round the new kids :cool:

they hardly played the song this year compared to the previous years!

Yeah fuck off with that “feeeeel the rush

bring back

…ner ner ner ner…I got my bike…der der der der …I got my bike…

I’m tipping "All you haters … " to be next year’s theme

I drove my mate crazy singing that ‘feel the rush’ anthem when I was there last year - great song to sing in order to drive your mates batty - particularly at the pub.
Seemed like the race was far more interesting than last year - and great to watch yesterday’s stage on TV with all the bumping and head butting leading into the final sprint. Excellent viewing.

I was commenting to Mrs. Spirito how our dog Medo body checks and bumps just like Greipel when I’m walking him. Just refuses to change course or give an inch. Kind looks the same too …

Kinda feel like buying a skoda wagon…

Your dog is better looking.

Talks more too :wink: