Feels good man.

Riding home from work and then hearing the rain come bucketing down when you’re nice and dry inside.

Riding at night in summer in shorts and t-shirt.


/end thread

Free baggin in a loose pair of shorts in a crowded public space.
That feelsgoodman!

Bastard I am about to leave now and its bucketing.

On that note jumping in a hot shower with a beer after a long ride in the rain.

Bundaberg ginger beer to get you through the last 45 mins of a long day at work.

Finding your dog that escaped during a massive thunderstorm 3 hours later hiding in the back of an indian grocery in Preston

I only realised this was possible recently. FeelsGoodMan

@mercury. You can piss in the shower to you know. Feels GoodMan.

Don’t fart in the shower though, you think the water will wash the stench away, but somehow the mix of the water and gas just don’t get along.

^^ this

fuckin love it,

old place had a window literally right next to the shower, used to take 2-3 stubbies and a few durries… time of my life

Dropping the commuter peloton to catch a green light at a key intersection and hitting it on the orange leaving everyone behind.

being handsome.

or just being brendan.

wait, that’s the same thing!

Exhaustion after a massive effort.

and this

Like this guy?


^ Hey yeah! …that’s not real, is it?

that was some roubaix speed he turned on there

removing sodden shoes and a hot shower this afternoon after my ride home

second breakfast, shower, then a nap on the couch after Sunday skills at DISC

Apologizing for things, and clearing your conscience.

Getting to the top of a big hill with burning legs and turning around to see a great view.