Fell In Love With A Girl


Mrs P!N2 and I welcomed Violet into the world last Friday 13th May.

We are over the moon with our gorgeous daughter!

I will be implementing a training program as of next week.


congratulations brother.

Great news Lyndon, congrats!

Enjoy the next weeks, and get people to take heaps of photos as while it sounds cliche, they do change fast.

Congrats Lyndon :slight_smile:
Good to see she is healthy and happy

That’s a fine head of hair there young lady.

Well done buddy.

i suggest you start with the softer stuff - maybe some indie rock, late period modest mouse or the constantines. then move on to your classic stuff - 77 punk / 2nd wave ska. then, once she has acclimatized, move on to 1st wave hardcore, then your post-hardcore classics - shellac and fugazi.

This would explain your absence from the Royal Pde TT.

Good work, congrats to you both…

Don’t listen to Brendan. Start with some early Nirvana fuzz jangle, move her on to Metallica and Megadeth pretty quickly, to get her away from the grunge scene. Implant Slayer as soon as possible, throw in some sweet slayer themed back pieces, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Death…before you know it, she will be three and Anal ₪₪₪₪ will be no big thang.

Congrats Lyndon, what a week!

Will she ride brakeless?

Congrats mate, wonderful. All the cliches are true y’know :wink:

I don’t know anything about babies, but that one looks like a conventional one with the correct features.
Also don’t go starting it on any angry music, play whatever it could hear whilst in the womb.
And then start with some elecro beats.

Congrats to you and the Mrs!
Both my girls picked up Blitzkreig Bop first… “Hey ho, let’s go”, seems to strike a chord with the young un’s.

but… but… Who’s going to run the brewery rides now?

  • and by begining training, I assume you mean getting her started with some crayons, with the aim of using a set square by two and an understanding of a scale rule by three.

Congrats Mate!


how long till a bike w baby seat in ‘what i did to my bike’ thread?

Congratulations to you and Mrs P!N2.
I can’t think of any finer thing you can aspire to in life than to be a good father.
It’s a very special time (I speak from experience).
The cliches are true (as Captain Commuter said), and photos are very important (as antmandan said), because they’re little for such a short time.

I just wanna see a baby seat on a track bike god damn it!

she looks amazing you must be sooo happy,
as for the training program, i recommend a good mess of light dub step through the winter and as weather warms slowly move away from the grinding bass to the speedy riffs of 90’s pop punk ala new found glory and mellioncollin, with a good mix of ska, less than jake, op ivy and even some loin groin, then with the first of the local stuff down you go to eddy current and the rest should happen naturally from there



Thanks all.

Brendan/HMC/Gink: You guys are nuts, she’s a girl! I’m obviously going to start with some Bikini Kill and move on to Sleater-Kinney followed by Le Tigre. Then there’s the entire Beastie Boys discography we have to get through… (Paul’s Boutique as released or demo version?)

Lam: Baby seats are being researched; may be a good excuse to get a roadie. (Anyone have any opinions on rear vs middle mounted seats?)

Chaz: The Brewery Rides are on hold while we find our feet, but will be back next summer…watch me destroy Olivers Hill with a baby seat! The nursery has been decorated with images from High Modernism - Le Corb, Mies, Utzon, Aalto, etc.

She wanted to give shout outs to Eleanor and Max, too.

Yes, for fucks sake, don’t get the middle mounted baby seats, aka. the Wee Ride. Biggest piece of shit on the market. Not only does it mean your knees hit the kids feet, meaning you have to pedal duck footed, its flimsy, annoying to attach, and just fucking dumb.
The end.