Fell In Love With A Girl

Congratulations, having a daughter is wonderful indeed. I was having a bit of a laugh at deciding what music she will listen to. My daughter Matilda is now two and it solidly consists of the following - Wiggles and Nursery Rhymes although I tell my wife that she loves The Church, Rolling Stones etc. The main one to get use to is “In the Night Garden”. This disturbing BBC production on ABC 2 at 6.30pm is Matilda’s favourite from Iggle Piggle to Daisy Do. This show has serious drug use written all over it.

On the bike front, I went with the bike seat on the back of my wife’s loop frame bike thinking - “Sweet no baby trailer cramping my style on the Primate”. On top of that you will now be taking with you more gear for the daughter on any trip (be it an hour or a full day) than most German paratroopers took with them while doing over Norway in 1940! Alas this also means, if the senior female in the house details you off to take the daughter out for a ride to give them a break you are doing it on the uncool bike.

Indeed when I found out that I got an entry to the Roobaix this year, my wife suggested that I take her bike so I could take Matilda as well. Enjoy fatherhood, it’s the best job ever.


seriously though: pancake mountain.


Congratulations! My sister had a baby girl last Friday. Not that that’s relevant.

I’ll leave my musical suggestions out of this. But Sonic Youth needs a mention.

congratulations mate =]

congrats fellow mcbain owner =D

wish your family all the best!

i was doing some research on kiddie seats as well, and the ibert safety seat looked like the best option imo. Never actually got around to purchasing one, as the wife wouldnt have a bar of me taking our first born on anything on 2 wheels!

Maybe she wont mind as much for the second one which is only a few months away =D

Congrats Lyndon!

Very very cool and congratulations.

and just for you to file in the back of your head the best sound for soothing babies is a recording of the engine noise of a driven car recorded from the foot space .

Congratulations lyndon!!

What he said. Get the rear-mounted kind, My kids and rate the OK BABY ERGON. Sturdy, clips in/out of a bracket mounted on the seat tube. a) you can clip it on/off and b) gives the kid a nice, sprung ride. The fixed rack kind rides a bit harsh unless you’re on very skushy tires.

congrats…family is king. as far as music goes BEATLEs, start in release order and hold out on the white album till last and then when they think they know it all …BAM,BAM,BAM white album their ass good . My oldest was so dissapointed about the sad musical choice at his first disco in year 1 ( asked if presets,beastie boys( check your head), pink floyd would be played and sadley i had to inform their was another kind of music… bad pop,and progressive trance.

 Good luck, They are built more like Dolphin Torches than fine china, and you will get the hang of it.

Thanks again everyone for the wishes, support and baby seat advice. We’re all home now and everything is going well.

Violet rocks pretty hard.

Lolz, you knew I’d see that! :stuck_out_tongue:

…any chance i get, any chance.

congratulations. she is beautiful!

getting her onto bikini kill early is a most excellent idea.

Aww, lovely!
I’m so happy for you both.
She’s gorgeous!!

So, how small will you have to make the bike for her?
Will she ride before walking?

Thanks Caz, I’m thinking something like this:

I’ve been doing some spin exercises with her. Can’t wait for the 2:00am feeds when Le Tour is on!

^ Is that the only way you’ve been getting rides in lately Lyndon?

Thank God for commuting.

Congratulations. Best job in the world - parenting.

In a couple of years you can bring your kids down to race DDX like I’m hoping to do on Sunday with my 9 year old daughter.

One tip with the music - kids (or at least my two) seem to have a great ear for lyrics. The other morning my 6 year old son belted out the chorus from a Bliss n esso track "my grandma told me, never never never take no shit’’ which had me snorting porridge and Mrs Kiwicyclist freaking out.

I wouldn’t put it past him letting that out in front of the grandparents knowing what his sense of humor is like…

dad pride, best drug in the world, congrates