Felt "custom hubs"

I’ve noticed Felt refer to their single speed bikes as having a “custom hub” and coming with a freewheel.

Does anybody know whether this hub is;

a) Produced by somebody who also makes it for somebody else?

b) If a is yes, what are the other names of the Felt custom hub?

c) Will it accept a fixed gear as well?

Post a picture if you can. Should be able tell by looking. The TK2 track bikes used formula hubs which were rebranded as Felt. Not sure about these new crop of SS/Street bikes.



Haven’t found a picture yet, thus the question.

I’d been looking into a Dispatch and while surfing found the Breed. I’ve been enjoying upsetting mountain bikers by riding their trails on a cross bike and I thought this might be amusing until I realised it might only come with a freewheel.

I suppose I could always answer my own question by riding the freewheel offroad and getting another wheel for road with a fixed hub. :expressionless:

What Felt bike are you refering to?
As Des said, Felt use Formula. It’s just marketing crap when they suggest their hubs are ‘custom’.

The Dispatch certainly has a fixed hub, but as for the Breed it looks like it only has a freewheel thread on the hub. Actually it’s a “Single Speed Cassette Hub”.