Felt make some pretty decent off the shelf bikes and frames. I bought this on sale while visiting some friends and relatives in the fine state of New York and brought it back home. None of the parts are original any more except the cranks, bb and chain ring. I use this to ride to uni mostly. No spectacular parts but it does the job.

Try right click then ‘View Image’ it should come up bigger.

Neat photography.

Got any tips on how to take pics like that?

You’ll need some kind of SLR camera with manual settings, set to long exposure (around 6 seconds), correct aperture and of course a tripod!

You don’t need an SLR camera, just a camera capable of long exposures. You also don’t need correct aperture, you can take long exposures with small and large apertures. I could be really pedantic and say you don’t need a tripod, just a solid surface that doesn’t move, but a tripod does make such photography a whole lot easier.

By the way, nice looking bike. What model Felt is that?

Seeing as my post got deleted I’ll say it again. NICE BIKE! Definitely worth bringing that back to Aus. Also interested in the model…

Ivanhoe — Represent.

+1 ivanhoe.

Haha thanks guys see you round the hoe. Its a felt ‘Brougham’ from 2008 or 2009I think.