Fenders/Mud Guards Buying advice

Hi. I did a search. couldnt find anything (not for lack of content but for lack of search skillz)

Im looking to get some fenders for my lady for christmas (romantic!) theres a lot out there, im thinking of these:
SKS Raceblade Long Mudguards

any other suggestion?

What kind of bike is it going on?

Flatbar steel roadbike, originally made for 27’.

She rides the shit out of it, rain, hail or snow.

Does the frame have eyelets for fender mounts and decent tyre clearance? If so, fuck raceblades off, they’re designed for tight clearance road frames with a reacharound at the brake.

So depending on the aesthetic:

SKS Chromoplastic have a pinstriped silver guard, and an angled or curved profile depending on size.
SKS Longboards have really good mudflaps, so her feet and drivetrain will remain clean of all road schmutz

Aluminium, in decreasing price order:
Velo Orange.

Aluminium guards are: lighter, more secure, offer better coverage, but take longer to install (don’t DIY if you don’t want to drill holes, bend and trim stays, massage guard circumference for fender line…) and cost more. Smooth / hammered etc patterns available.

Protip: Drop the bike off at Commuter to get aluminium guards fitted and pick it up once it’s all done and looking killer.

Yep she has eyelets. Yes i think i may go Aluminium.
No, I do not want to drill holes, bend nor trim stays, ‘massage’ guard circumference for fender line.

I will go to commuter cycles today and tell them to take my money.

thanks Blakey.

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Just open a bike shop already Blakey…

Fuck that. Then I’d have to deal with the public.

Online bike shop. Like Wiggle but you just sell 6-7 speed freewheels, obsolete Suntour components and Grand Bois tyres.
…actually sounds like a sweet concept!

You just described Yan Heiney.

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