It’s starting to get wet, and I’m starting to think it’s time to look for decent fenders.

For the beater, which has no eyelets at the dropouts.

Also I’m not sure whether I want full fenders front & back, or just a foxtail style one over the back.

Regarding full fenders without eyelets, I only seem to have come accross these: Roadracer_ | Crud-products

Does anyone have any experience with them or with others?

Regarding clamp on foxtail style, I’ve seen so many I don’t know where to start. Please post experiences.


blakey is the person you want to speak to, he knows allllll about them.

my 2c, don’t waste your time with the plastic rear ones, you’ll get more water on you from the front wheel than the back, resulting in soggy shoes and socks.

fuck i love my fenders

Oh man, I thought this thread was going to be about guitars…


I thought they were “mud guards.” Fenderrrs is American English.

same shit, different stink.

i have the wide version of the SKS Race Blades on my cx. easy clip on f&r half guards, have done what i needed em for.

I agree with Rolly, lack of front fender is heaps more soggy than lack of rear.

My shitty rear foxtail style one just seems to break up all the water and road grime into a fine mist that covers everything. It’s only really good for like, half dry roads.

Also, post '65 was when Leo Fender sold the company resulting in a drop in quality, then again when CBS sold it in '85

Buy an '80s G&L. Leo started this company and made most of these guitars up until he died in the early '90s I believe.

On my old bike with no eyelets i was running a proper full front fender with p clips (google them or i have some spares if you need) and crappy clamp on tail (partly cos the proper rear fender broke and partly cos the clearances precluded it anyway).

I’d strongly reccomend full fenders, yes a tail thingee will keep your arse dry but you’ll still get shit spraying off the rear wheel hitting the seat tube and getting into your drivetrain, on your pants etc.

+1 for P clips (see Velo Orange website - and Commuter Cycles might have them here in Melbs)

SKS race blades SUCK. they are almost impossible to adjust to sit properly and the clips totally mess up the paint on your frame.

I’ve had mine on for 5 months without either of these issues.

but i run full fenders on my cross check and they are quite clearly a better choice if possible

if you have the brake / fork clearance, you can MacGyver some full fenders on with zipties (brake bridge/chainstay bridge) & P-Clamps (dropouts.). A Sheldon Fender Nut can also help attaching it at the fork. Oh, and dremelling, dremelling is fun.

Some more inspiration for fender hacking:
velospace bike forums - Full fenders on bikes with little/no clearance

I was Surprised how well the crudcatchers worked, they now have a version 2 that looks to have longer and wider bits.

Dems p-clips look the bizniz with the plastic coating and all. Shouldn’t have to run any 'guards any time soon over here tho

does rain dance

While we are on the subject.

How do you know how big a fender will fit?

Measure the clearance at the fork crown for the front. Measure the clearance at the brake bridge for the rear, but where at the chainstays?

They seem to narrow pretty quick.

You could always move to Queensland for winter. Not much rain here at that time.

Disagree. They are designed as a compromise solution for road bikes, of course they don’t work as well as a proper fender. But they are light and keep a roadie dry, nothing more, nothing less. Oh and you can take them off in 2 seconds when the sun starts shining so others don’t mistake you for a bearded geek. Tape underneath the mounts prevent paint rub.

If it’s raining, you’re going to get wet anyway and passing cars throw up all sorts of shit all over you, so I don’t bother too much. I have a clip on rear that I use sometimes but I hate even putting lights or a saddle bag on my bike.

*I was never a fan of the G&L’s either.

If ti doesn’t have eyelets and the clearances are tight, don’t even bother … it’ll look shitty, won’t work well, cost you $'s.

Get the right frame fork for the job = happy fender experience.

MIJ Fenders are very good also.

Got the clearances, (>10mm front and back) just not the eyelets. Thanks for everyone’s advice, think I’ll do a ziptie hackjob with some full fenders. woop woop