Few of my things on ebay

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Will accept reasonable offers and close auctions early for foa members…

What threading is the headset?

I’d say its Italian because it was part of a 9sp Record Titanium groupset in which the BB was Italian, but does it matter? As far as I can tell there is not enough of a difference between ISO and Italian headsets for it to be an issue and either can be used on a threaded steerer.

Servicing Bicycle Headsets

Well there you go. I will be bidding.

Is there any setback on the seatpost?

Yep its setback, pretty much like this:

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there seems to be a mistake in your listing for the seatpost. you haven’t included the word fixie in the title!

Haha, yeah I would have included it to increase my hits but I doubt that anyone doing a search for “fixie” will be looking for a 31.6 post…

unless they ride a Cinelli Mash lol - pre sure they have a 31.6 post!

Good point, too late to revise the title, but listing has been edited :wink: