FFS. Really?

JDL, are you Lance’s son???

His name is Lance…

I was overseas for a month when our third was 4 months old. This was countered by having two family members take turns living at our place for 2 weeks to assist, thereby actually resulting in help being more available than if I was there, what with going to work and all.

A ‘leave pass’ is just the new ‘brownie points’. The age old system will live on, but formalising it like this is a stupid idea.


I don’t remember lance having a pony tail. Might be clear on this one.

and what’s Lance doing in (what looks like) an opium field?

I think we are missing the bigger issue here - ENVELOPES DESIGNED TO AROUSE!

Sexy stationery.

Cycling is the new golf!
Excuse Me, Part II: The Leave Pass : Inside Golf. Australia’s Most Read Golf Magazine

Why won’t my partner let me live my life gawwdddd

Shortly after returning from holidays OS with my wife last September, she asked me where I wanted to go riding next year… So this year I am heading solo to the States for three weeks riding in the Mountains! Would have been longer if I had more leave, but I’d used up most of what I had when I spent 7 weeks in Europe solo back in 2011!

Some of the others were better…

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And once again the word ‘news’ is incorrectly used.