Filing rims

I hit a car the other day, nothing major, but ended up with a bent spoke and a nicked rim. the spoke will be replaced and when I got home I immediately got out a narrow round file and filed the nick (maybe 1mm deep) into a little groove with no edges. I did this because I do it on cranks to avoid stress riser areas. The rim is a velocity dyad, the filing ocurred at pretty much the point of the rim (the inner most bit, the pointy bit) which (on a non-eyeleted rim) seems pretty thick.

I feel OK about doing it, but wonder if anyone else has done similar and can comment on longevity of the rim afterwards? It’s on my tourer and I would like to think I can still ride it in remote-ish areas without worrying. If your rim folded in a few months, I might think about replacing the rim.

I’m not considering filing out all of the gaps between the spokes, but maybe I am.

Y’know how mavic machine away the rim section between the spokes, just leaving the extra material where the spoke pulls?

You’ll be fine.

Just don’t do this:

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