Fillet brazed Perkins Goodnees

vintage track bike frame and fork pista | eBay

man, if only that seat tube was longer.

aero down tube?

Just run a mile of post!!!

Yeah was just chatting to Dayne about it… I thought the dt looked a bit Columbus Airish

This is great in the flesh

Looks more like Reynolds 853…

Why has no one bought this thing yet? It’s a steal

why the fuck is benzy selling his perko?

note to users this bike is fucking rad, and was made to look like that on purpose, rust is only surface deep.


Think he wants to get a roadie

I stand corrected I had never seen the tear drop 853 profile before


i believe he is looking for something to match his kit. :wink:

but ladies and gentlemen, this marks the end of an era… no more of the (in)famous whipskids.

i, for one, am saddened… :frowning:

he has another track bike though right nik? right?!?!?!?!?!?!

thinking about it, i need a new frame. its so damn nice, those welds… and i love the rat ride look.

Nice & Absolute steal! I’d grab if it fit me/my girlfriend.

Time for a new girlfriend?

after much deliberating, i bought it. :slight_smile: its going to live in sydney now…

Cool, good for you.

^ god work son

Thus continuing the flow of Perkins to Sydney and Bundys to Melbourne.