Filling cosmetic dents in frame.


What would be the best filler to use to smooth over a top tube dent from bar slap?

Peter from Star Enamellers mentioned some kind of Plastic Filler, would something like automotive bog also work? Would there be any adherrance issues?

I am repainting the frame regardless, and the dent is not structurally significant in any way.

What have people used previously?


Found this:

But still no conclusive material to use, plus I cant braze/weld.

I’ve used Knead It before. Works like a putty, dries hard and sands back smooth, can be painted over. Wouldn’t withstand sandblasting though.

Selleys Knead It Multipurpose - Epoxy Putty | Selleys Australia

The frame is already stripped. I’ll be painting it in my spray booth, so no need to worry about melting from powder coat or from sandblasting.

I’ve used this and it’s been really goo. Multiple light coats for maximum drying and final hardness.
Spray Putty - PK0010 - Supercheap Auto Australia

The PowerPlus products are pretty good for spray cans and readily available.

Auto bog, use as you would on a car, make sure you clean the area before applying and get your mix right :wink:

+1 on auto bog, the mix yourself variety, hardens nicely and no issue with paint, just make sure it dries properly!

just strip the frame then sell it bare when you realise its all too hard!

  • 2 on Auto Body Filler (bog). Then use a sandable High Build primer over your etch primer.

Like the others said car bog is fine,
If you want to make a job of it put a layer of fibreglass cloth and resin over the top.
Or braze it up if it is being powder coated as they bake at over 200*c