Finally posting my ride

So, here it is, the mighty VISP.
My daily pig, aka Dangermouse.

It gets ridden a lot, every day, quite hard as you might be able to tell. Yes it looks liek a piece of shit, yes it’s a dodgy build… meh, thats what i’m like
VISP Frame: 58cm (it’s not even close, it’s more like 54-56 C-C)
Standard fork (“matte black by ironlak”), standard Cane Creek headset, Easton EA70 seatpost & stem (2nd hand, from donor bike), Sugino messenger cranks + 46T ring, generic pedals/cages/straps, KMC Kool BMX chain, Alex G6000 rims, Formula hubs, Shimano 17t rear cog, Surly lockring, crappy old worn out Selle Italia saddle, generic riser bars (“matte black by ironlak”), black old school Ourys, alternating between Vittoria Randonneurs (700/28) and CST Czar (700/23) tyres (cst for skids, randos for proper riding)… I forget what the bb is, something mid range.







Good to see its well ridden!
Also, not enuf axle? Seems like running your track nuts backwards may have some kind of negative impact?

+1. rectify this asap.

i thought that visp frame only came in even sizes and the new one came in odd?

anyway i like it, can’t wait for mine to come

looks tidy for sure. how are you finding it holding up? copping your abuse alright? hows the toe overlap? really bad?

yeah i’ve kinda let that one slide, there’s plenty of contact area and it’s very sturdy. it is on the list of things to do…

it’s held up really well, took a nasty hit by a car and was totally fine… my daily abuse notwithstanding
toe overlap is pretty non existent, especially with clips. if i was running strap-ons it’d probably be a different story.
yeah, it is a 58… fixed

cheers for that mate. still tossing up whether i buy a visp frame and do that, or just buy a built bike and modify. cant decide.

You could buy my Visp in the complete bikes section and modify it to your hearts content…

I found the opposite about clips/strapons. Cleats had heaps of overlap, clips some overlap, but because you can still move your foot around in strapons it’s a non-issue, even if it were to hit it’s just your soft show not a metal clip.

I had the same issue with the track nuts on my visp, the rear spacing is out on these frames… I ended up finding a new set on velogear.

basic and tough, no stupid ‘bling’ or whatever.

Level your saddle out mate

wtf rear axle situation

inserts for track ends are wide on these bikes, which leaves not much axle sticking out. like i said, cbf sorting it out properly, it’s a thrash bike and it works perfectly well.

it is level, look at the rails. everything at the back is padding

you need a longer axle bro

or shorter nuts

Lol i said nuts.

well yeah, but like i said, it works fine and cbf

you need the top of the seat level, not the rails… unless you sit on the rails

yep rails dont mean shit…

fixed that for you.

Whats the build quality like of these frames? Any cracks or major faults
Are the frames bar spinnable?