Not suprising, I finally totally wore out my rear tyre last night. Not just worn-out, but destroyed would be more like it. I heard the bang and just kept skidding…good practise for the skid championships at the messenger worlds later in the year. Thats it, I am going for it…

Just noticed today that I have pretty much destroyed mine as well. Must of been all the hung - over skids on the brissy to bay.

Just out of intrest, what sort of tyres are you running rhino and how long do you get out of them?

When you are skidding are you clipped in (SPD or Crank Bros.) or are you “volleyed” up on flat pedals.


Skid in whatever shoe/pedal combo I have. Although the volleys are the ‘backward circle’ shoe of choice. Oh, and I use michelin tyres (cause they have red in them).

ALSO, Target have 15% of storewide for the next three days…that means CHEAP VOLLEYS for all (and sadly means I will buy another two pairs, as this rate if I die at 80 I wil be buried with 12 pairs of un-used shoes).

How in fuck do you get those really skinny volleys to fit your foot, having wide feet to dissapate my ample wieght/girth upon the ground, they just don’t fit me. Oh well back to overpriced Chuck Taylors or Grosby KT26.


:? ???

KT26’s!!! I remember having these as a kid. They were actually army issue running shoes for many years, as in every test the ‘australian athletic commitee’ did they come up winners. Sadly, I don’t think that is the case. Although in all the marathons, you see some 50 year old run a 2:40 in them…

I’ve got some that are Dunlop KT26s’. I was hoping that Grosby had made some… fur-lined???

They were Grosby and then changed to Dunlop, but if you were a real conisuer(sp?) you would have the velcro closure for that real “dork” look.

Why the fuck didn’t I invent velcro, I would have made millions (and then use that to make more millions at the casino…yes, that it).

Went and bought some conti ‘gators’ or something. Thye say they are puncture resistent and come with a puncture warranty or something. I can only assume they put a harder compound into the rubber, meaning I can now skid longer and further…568 feet to glory…or 173.126 meters…

Tell him he’s dreamin’…

it’s OK … he already knows …

Yeah, sadly the humour of my post wasn’t interpreted. That skid record is crazy-long…even using the downhill slope of ‘cootha’ I wouldn’t come close. or would I… :twisted:

I think you’d need legs of steel (or a very light gear) to hold the bike in skid down hill for that long.

Don’t get your weight toooo far forward!!

Is there a record for a front wheel skid???

…?? record ?? … ?? for how short ??

Now … this is a skid!!

… or maybe more a bicycle burnout!!


how? um? can you? dah? what? (exert family guy movie)

he does well to keep the front end upright.