After starting with this,8974.0.html
as my first fixed gear bike then realising it is a 27 frame I scored a kuwahara frame and this is the result.

alexis rims laced to formula hubs (thanks ten278 :-D) with specialised armadilos
original kuwahara headset and stem
no name bullhorns
dicompe front brake and diatech dirty harry lever (was ment to be red but is more like pink :|)
orgin 8 cranks and 44 tooth chain ring with old SPD pedals of my MTB
Campag seat post (thanks Ronin 09) and old Fizik poggio seat

Still need to decide on a colour for the frame, thinking powder coat matt black.

Comments, opinions welcome

Your first frame build paint job looked absolutely wicked, especially with the chrome forks. I reckon Matte Black is always a safe option. And then it looks like your trying to accent your bike red with bar work and cranks? do some lug work like on your old one, but not too much, as i did that once and it was a colour overload… I did a black and red one and just yesterday i finally put it together, take a look:,10885.0.html

Nice and simple. Not too keen on the all red cranks/chainring set up but thats my own opinion. Like the red on the forks. Was going to powder coat the frame but not so sure now.

The other frame is being built as a SS set up at the moment, just waiting on seat post and have to source some longer reach brakes. Will post picks when done

Lose the break and get some toe clips onto that

Why should he lose the brake? And you don’t need toeclips when you ride clipless, as this person obviously does.

After running this post through the translator it reads.

Actually I think it’s more like “what crap can I post to get Trading Access quickly?”.

Unfortunately for him the answer is “you stick out like dogs balls”.

you gota give him credit for posting something other than ‘nice bike’

BTW smurf, nice job mate. Ive got a Kuwahara im cleaning up myself for the wife, Kuwahara tips, with matching Kuwahara BB and headset.

Cheers jaseyjase, just took it for a spin round the river and am pretty happy with it. Need to Unlearn some roadie habits though :expressionless:

oh btw, your in perth right? let me know when your thinking of getting yours powder coated, i want to do mine as well, maybe we can get a cheaper price with a few frames.

southside powder coaters seems to be the shiz from a few other members.