Finding a Bike For a Broken-Hipped Human

Upon suggestion n another thread, here we should all help (that’s why I posted in the help section) Ryan to find a bike for when he gets back on two wheels.
If Ianhuman_Xx wants to put in any specifics, then he should.
Anyway, roadies, cheap cos he’s gonna spend his coin on physio and that shit, and also, good.
By good I mean rideable.
Post links!

VINTAGE RETRO LADIES BIKE (eBay item 280645432389 end time 24-Mar-11 21:20:28 AEDST) : Sport
This would be good if it didn’t have 26 seconds left.

Didn’t sell, for $50

Oooh a nice ricardo, in noble park!
VINTAGE RICARDO RACER ROAD BIKE (eBay item 110665858641 end time 31-Mar-11 20:38:46 AEDST) : Sport

This is tough!
Standish Shimano Equiped racer (eBay item 320674376791 end time 28-Mar-11 12:45:22 AEDST) : Sport

City Bike Progear Retro Mens

New, cheap and cheerful looks kinda comfy in an around town retro way.

Actually, this step through could be fantastic. Cruisy position, a few gears to play round with, basket and fenders for assorted practicality related shit, and give to the lady-friend when done!
Roadmaster Ladies Cruiser Vintage GX 10 Speed (eBay item 300538677586 end time 27-Mar-11 15:24:46 AEDST) : Sport

Also, maybe a mod should move this to the ebay sub-forum?

What about the possibility of the local boys putting some parts bin bits together and hanging them on a frame, or even a loaner. Most cycling tragics have enough bikes and bits to cobble a townie/shopping style bike together.

surely coffee has some NOS italian shitheap that only has ultegra or some other crap gruppo on it that he lend ian.

coffee doesnt ride shimano (except for pedals).

Ha ha ha. Great thread, thanks Dylan.

Although, I might have something sorted. Time will tell.

Still, yes find me a byk plz. About 58cm, preferably something slightly nice, budget of about $500.


How about an 8speed hubgeared 58cm cross check with lightly swept back bars?

Edit: for lends, not sale.

Bundy has dura ace track group… I’ve ridden DA 7400, 8sp shimano 600, 9sp 105… But yeah I prefer campy’s ergo levers and aesthetics in general.

I can spare a bike, but unfortunately nothing for wet weather, I need a new winter bike myself actually!

Winter bike eh? you want a fuji track pro?

this i had forgotten…

Mission accomplished… Nice PDM Concorde with chorus/athena, cheap too!