finding a new rim

Got my hands on some campy record track hubs that has been tied and soldered onto some super champion competition record du monde tubs.

The rims were already off when it arrived and after some research on velobase found out that rim height is 11mm and rim outer width is 20mm.

I want to run clinchers as this wheelset is going to be on my commuter. So thoughts were to replace the rim and look for options. AS long as i find something similar to the tubs, theoretically they should go straight in, get tensioned and they’d be as good as new. Right?

I did hear from an experienced mechanic that reusing old spokes should only be for show purposes. So if this set is gonna be ridden on the road, then is my best option to cut them up and get new ones?

Thoughts and comments?

You mean somebody already unwound all the nipples? Are the spokes still in the hubs? If they have been pulled out they may have enlarged the holes…not a major drama, you may need washers. Personally I’d chuck the old spokes and get some new ones, it’s not a big cost for peace of mind.

yeah, the seller was going to sell the hubs to someone ages ago so he unwound all the nipples and took it off the rim. I haven’t had a closer inspection but hubs look okay from my brief once over though. Any suggestions on what to look for when checking if the holes have been enlarged?? Sorry for the dumb question but i just don’t want to wreck anything on these hubs since my noob velocity lockring saga.

^ When you decide which spokes you are using, it’s just a matter of inserting a spoke and seeing if there is any play. If memory serves, it is allowed to move a little bit, but not too much…we’re talking pretty small increments here. Check Sheldon or any reputable wheelbuilding publication.

Get new spokes, that way you can use whatever rim you want.
I only re-use spokes if I know the history of the wheel.

rim height/width =/= rim ERD.

I’d replace the spokes, much easier than finding a rim with a similar ERD and waiting for spokes to start breaking.

Plus, the ERD on that rim will be ~616-618mm and very few 700C clincher rims have ERDs that large.

I’d go some tb14’s or some archetype gear have both in stock.
I’d also go new spokes and nipples.
Reusing spokes can suck.
Are you building them yourself?
If so have you got a trying stand and spoke tension meter.

yeah i was gunna recomend new spokes and H+ rims, they build some nice stuff

Thanks chaps,

yeah rebuilding myself. don’t have a stand or tension meter. Was going to build it and taking them into gear and getting the boys to tension them.

i did get a set of ambrosio balance rims are are pretty heavy duty so if i lace em with some new dt comps, theoretically should be indestructable. what are TB14s like? heavy duty? A courier with a chrome pursuit leader here in bris has them and they look awesome.

Being tied and soldered, is it okay to just cut the spokes just like that with some pliers?

i cant speak for the tb14s, (though i have heard good things) i have f30’s for near a year now, 32 spoke front and rear, and while i dont go out of my way to thrash them, i dont exactly avoid the odd gutter or megga sick whip skids. + front wheel got clipped by a car, and they still true as.

Don’t see why not, but I’ll defer to the beardos.

When re-lacing the hub I think it is considered ‘best practice’ to lace in a way that avoids the spokes settling into the same grooves that the previous spokes made for themselves.
Takes a little fiddling withe a mock up lacing but not hard.

It’ll be fine. Just watch they don’t fly up and hit you in the eye.

The time to be careful cutting spokes is when the wheel is laced up, then you should alternate sides of the rim when cutting spokes to prevent a sudden change in tension on the rim, but of course if you’ve got the time best to just unscrew the nipples.

I agree but I hear/read just as many who are adamant on using the same pattern so the spokes sit in the same pulled area. So I don’t know on this one.

As far as re-using spokes: I make each wheel a different call. Stainless, modern spokes hold up well and as long as they’re not damaged and the spoke heads and threaded ends are in good condition I haven’t had any qualms about re-using spokes, especially when replacing a rim with the same type. There is a fatigue life to spokes but most good quality spokes are getting up around the million revolution mark (and some like the CX-Ray much more 3.5 million revolutions) in theory, in practice much more, with strengths of 1300nm/mm2 or more for even the basic double butted stuff. Often the spokes in a wheel will outlast the hub and rim.

Fair enough, I’ve actually never heard of problems doing it either way.
It was advice I received from someone experienced when I was re-lacing some hubs. But I can see logic in both methods.

Ive had TB14’s for bloody ages now and I rate them. Both sets 36 hole 4x lacing. Not weight weenie… circa 500 grams for Rim only, but they build a good wheel and look good. A car killed my first set turning them into irrepairable tacos.

We need to get the engineers onto it :wink:

yeah, ok everyone send their old hubs to blakey and he can lace them up different ways and then test and report back.

IMHO don’t lace then send in to get trued.
It will cost you the same but the guy building them will prefer to do it his way.
Half finishing some one else’s work allways sucks.
I myself really hate it.
If you are doing to save money it won’t.
If its for practice then go the whole way and build them.
If this is too much then your not ready and de Denison and retention a shit old set.
Just my 2c

thanks chaps, will see if i can get those ambrosio elite 19 extras onto the spokes, if no luck, will cut them and rebuild. Will end up doing the whole process and borrow rogains spoke tensioner and truing stand. Cheers for all the knowledge sharing.