Finished building my first fixie

Hi all thought i would share my first new fixie i have been building the last 2 months , sorry about all the pictures but i love this bike and i took it around the streets for some shots any way.

More photos…

nice colour? did u rattle can it?

what are the spokecards for? marksmanship and sand racing?

WOW spoke cards much??

nice colour, must have won some races quickly ey?

nice tires as well.

nice build

I think someone sold you some spoke cards with a bike around them.

powder blue and white look nice together

needs more spokecards

front is lacking slightly

Colours go well together… but yeah, WTF is up with all the cards?


ok i changed the pedals and put straps on it , but it feels too restricted when riding,i have a front brake on it also so might take the straps back off as i feel more comfortable .
Why do people care so much about the spoke cards, im not trying to prove that im winning any races, as even the blind could see there is a theme to them and they’re not random cards , its just what i saw overseas and thats what i liked. Cards or no cards i think its not a big deal :? i think you guys worry too much about the small things in life, anyway i might have over done them but hey there staying for now. cheers rick

You’re on the money. It’s not a big deal.

You’re right, but no offence intended I’m sure. Just taking the piss, as is the norm around here. Ride it and enjoy it… :slight_smile:

i think i started it, it was an arrested development joke really.