firefox users...

do you find you have to log in every time you visit, despite checking the “keep me logged in” box?

running FF 3.0b5 in osx 10.4.

first world problems!

i use safari and i have to log in every time :?

Not me, I’m using the same FF setup and I’m always logged in…

Are you accepting cookies in your FF options? Dunno if that is the problem?

I log in every time anyway. I do for every site as a habit. Not sure if I really need too, it’s just something that I do.

no dramas here, running os10.5 tho… sucker

Try checking your browser settings under : Tools, Options, Privacy, Private Data and untick the box that says Clear Private Data when closing Firefox.
I use Firefox, but log in each time.

I use firefox at work and i dont need to log in, however i use safari at home and have to log in everytime.

Its probably a good thing that you have to log in everytime so as you dont forget your password, otherwise when you get a new computer you cant reply to Craig C posts!

Maybe it asks you to log in every time your IP address changes.

i don’t think it’s a private data thing nor a statis vs dynamic ip thing as didn’t experience this when i was using safari. maybe i’ll just switch back to safari.

i’ve got os10.4 and firefox v2, and don’t have any problems, besides random crashing. maybe i should upgrade, then again, maybe i should wait