If this is the work of arsonists then I think they should be burned at the stake. It disgusts me.

The devastation just amazes me. I now only have my memories of beautiful training rides through this area.

From this:

To this:

I can’t agree more. It’s enough to bring a tear to the eye. Most of my direct family are within a few km’s of the fires around Morwell Traralgon and Churchill which is a bit scary.

To think that the sites I saw a few weeks ago riding through King Lake etc. won’t be there again for many years is such a shame.

yeah, my aunt was evacuated. don’t know whether her house is still there.

they really should have local planning laws relating to fireproof materials and building design, in place for the rebuild, if not already existing.

I’m going to miss riding through this part of the world too. Not to mention how sad it is for everybody affected.

Man, I was cut off from the news for the last couple of days only to find when I turned the TV on that so many lives have been lost and the massive amount of damage to houses and land.

When the fires ripped through Canberra only meters from my home a few years ago, It bought back memories of that. I know how freakin scary it is for a firestorm to pass through, but this one seems alot more sinister.

I just saw a convoy of 15 or so fire engines followed by support 4WDs and a couple of coaches, so there is a bit of relief coming from the ACT for the firefighters down your way.

I hope no one else loses their life to this disaster.

Brian Naylor (ex Channel 9 news reader) and his wife dead R.I.P.

Hang the fucking fire bugs! I don’t care how many times you wacked off in the car watching your fire grow. Sick fucks.

(sorry for the lanuage) I still remember the terror at Mt Macedon in Ash wednesday as a kid growing up.

This is fvckin horrible, I was meant to be riding Kinglake way yesterday morning. A few people I know lost they’re houses in Bendigo/Readsdale…very scary how close that Bendigo fire got to the centre of town.

Its so sad to see this happen year in and year out - more often than caused by arsinists. Its natures way of regenerating but when its set of by for seen circumstances it makes me sick.

My home was lost on the Sydney 2002 Bush fires and i knew first hand, the strength and the unforgiving destruction of a firestorm once it comes by. I saw my home and 100s of acres of land swept away in front of my eyes in a matter of minutes.

God bless the Firies and all those who risk their lives for the safety of others. RIP for those who were lost.

It’s just so saddening. My heart goes out to everyone who’s affected by this.

I rode out to Yea three weeks ago - Whittlesea, Humevale, Kinglake West, Hazeldene, Flowerdale, Yea and return. What a beautiful part of the world. I stopped at the shop at Hazeldene on the way back - beautiful lazy sunday afternoon, kids playing with their dogs in the creek, dragonflies buzzing around, a group of mums sitting on the verandah of the shops talking. Walking across the dodgy old bridge over the creek I remember thinking what a great place to be a kid.

And now it’s all gone.

I’ll definitely be back up there when the rebuilding has started to support the locals, if not volunteering, then at least buying stuff from their shops etc.

agree, such a sad weekend

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