First Build - (almost) done!


Just received Lennie - thought I’d post a pic in here to show-off a little. :slight_smile: Haven’t been able to ride yet as still waiting on pedals. This is torture…

Would also like to say thanks to all from here who helped with the build. Joshua, GYPSY, lewis, rogaine, hadrian, for parts and advice, and to others who replied to the posts requesting help - much appreciated. Big thanks to Andy for the rims and awesome polishing job and especially to Dan@Shifter. He did an amazing job, so much better than I could have hoped for.

Pics are poor (phone) - I will post more when I can get outside.

Lennie Rogers Frame (Maybe late 70’s)
Drilled Chrome fork (so I didn’t have to drill the original fork)
C.Record Pista Cranks
Sugino SuperMighty 46T Chainring
Campy BB
Roselli 17T Rear
Phil 32 H hubs (Fixed/Free @ rear) on Mavic OP’s
Vittoria Open Corsa Evo-CX
Cinelli m.19 Bars
Cinell 2a 130mm Stem
Campy 26.8 seatpost
Not sure of headset?
Campy Electa saddle

Have to get a short-reach front-brake and of course, some pedals. Also, does anyone have any advice about how I can stop bar-slap? I’d hate to dent the frame…Foam and electrical tape?

Very nice…

For bar slap… Kashimax Top Tube Protectors are the best IMO. Otherwise a combination of thin high density rubber/foam under cut up coke can (or something a bit thicker) under tape. That might be a bit of overkill but I prefer to err on the safe side to avoid a top tube dent!

P.S. there are some sweet pedals in the eBay section now which would suit :stuck_out_tongue:

I walked into Dan’s workshop on Saturday, just as he was on his knees polishing those wheels. This bike looks so much more “brilliant” in person…awesome!!

garv23 - agreed, it looks amazing in person. Can’t wait to see how it rides.

Thanks for the heads-up on the TT protectors, SanEsteban . Think I’ll make my own and hope it is stronger (or just as strong) as the Kashimax ones. Already spent too much on it. :slight_smile:

Love the wheels,

For the top tube cut a used inner tube up and wrap it around the top tube and fold it back inside itself then a little drop of glue, (just did this yesterday)makes a nice little rubber buffer.

ooooo shiny, nice :smiley:

Don’t be rude to chicks in bars?

steal the pedals off the second bike in the first picture give it a test… put em back