First Build - Major Pub Bike


I’'ve been a long time lurker of the forum and finally got around to finishing off my first bike. I found it on the side of the road about a year ago. I believe it was an old “path-racer”. It had a 3 speed Sturmer-Archer rear hub dating back to 1969 (??) I think, which I thought was pretty cool. I cleaned it up but it couldn’t be saved. Went to the dump shop (new favorite hangout haha) and picked up an old roadie ($7), switched the hangers and seat/post. I had to buy a new crank set ($85), bought a new white chain and tyres ($40) and a few cans of white,black & clear ($20). Its fast as fuck and I whacked on a back-brake for extra skidding fun.
Its not a show bike by any means, but I love her. The best part is I’ve seemed to have acquired a selection of decent tools and I sort of know what Im doing now haha. Can’t wait for my next build and hope to meet some of you guys out on the black-top.

P.s all the best to any of you affected by the flooding.


nice clean simple build. love the fork.
put some grip on those bars ASAP

Looks nice, but it’s broken(not fixed)