First build - Red n black cheapie

My first build, finished it about 7 months ago but haven´t got around to posting a pic till now.

[li]2nd hand Campione frame bought off this forum (thanks lukes)[/li][li]Got her powdercoated a nice fire-red colour for about $40 at a place in Coburg, blasted in Bundoora for $20.[/li][li]Weinmann DP18s off this forum (thanks tom.)[/li][li]Found neat little black seat in hard rubbish in Nth Melb![/li][/ul]

Ridden her for a while now and loving it!
hopefully upgrade chainring and stem when the cash starts flowing again.

Well done… Enjoy !

hey, where abouts did you get it blasted and powdercoated? I’ve been looking around at a few places, and yours sounds cheaper. Were you happy with the job?

yeah I was very happy with it. They did frames occasionally and knew what they were doing.
I searched around for a while and it turned out it was alot cheaper to get the blasting and powdercoating done seperately.
Can’t remember the exact names or addresses of the places but…
The sandblasting was done at a little place in Bundoora right around the corner from LaTrobe uni, on the heidelberg side.

Got the powdercoating done at a place out in Coburg, just off sydney road.

Sorry I really can’t remember the exact addressses or names and I’m currently not in melb so can’t go check for ya.
I think I found them just by looking in the yellow pages and calling a few places for quotes n stuff.
The powdercoaters didn’t have a huge range of colours but they had what i wanted and were a nice bunch of guys too.

There’s also a powdercoating place I was considering going to in Raglan st, Preston about 3 blocks right of High st. They can arrange to get your frame blasted at this same place in Bundoora and quoted me $35 for the painting.
Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I think the sandblasting place is in Crissane Rd, Heidelberg West. Just behind the uni. I saw it the other day and made a mental note of it.

yeah Crissane rd sounds right.
and was fairly cheap too, some places quote a lot more than $20/$30.

Excellent, thank you both for that info, will be getting 2 bikes done this week :smiley:

wow, that’s actually pretty nice
thanks for the powdercoat location too