first build

nothing special. used dad’s old fuji road frame brought over from japan. not sure how old it is. used to take 27" wheels so the clearances are pretty ridiculous. brake pads atm are 90% over the tires atm and not the braking surface, ordered some clamp on brakes to hopefully resolve this problem!!! shit photo too.

How far is the clearence from the brakes to the braking surface? You should be able to get some extra long reach brake calipers from your lbs that should do the job.

yeah, i thought i’d be able to do that too, but i haven’t been able to find any that reach enough. the gap is close to 80mm. not good! can’t wait to use a proper track frame for my next bike… thanks for your advice.

My oh my, that is quite a large bit of clearence you’ve got yourself there =D i put 700c wheels on a 27" frame, but my reach was about 70mm so i found one no worries. The older style road brakes tend to have some large reach, you could give them a shot. By the way, those wheels look a treat. Nice job

Search the forum for Tektro R556.

I was going to be mean and ask what happened to the rest of your bars, but I’ll play nice…

So whats with the bars?

your in brisbane right? Pretty sure i saw this. She’s a colourful one.

haha yeah about the bars… i guess it’s 80% me preferring the whole streamline aesthetic, and 20% the ridiculously narrow west end ferry ramp i have to use a lot. :smiley: next bike will have a lot more class i hope. classic colours and some nice drops… gotta wait for the next economic meltdown for an even larger stimulus package!!