First Build

Gordonson Frame
ritchey comp bars
pake crank
Alexrims DA28s
selle saddle
rattle-can paint job

Looks nice.

That stem may be higher than its minimum insertion point though?


Very nice.
It looks exactly the same as my first biuld.
good work.

go the white!

nice :smiley:

6’4" need the height, head stem is inserted to minimum length.
RELAXED??? not sure what that means

relaxed, referring to the steering geometry, which is slack as.

i.e. rake and trail?

well, he actually may have been referring to the seat tube, but something like that

implications? just slower change of direction? less flighty? or will it mean extra stress on head bracket

There 700c wheels and its probs a 27’’ frame :? Thats what it looks like.

No implications, other than having to put up with people who think you aren’t hardcore because you aren’t running a set up that is “steep and tight”.

just took it for the first ride. seems ok to me, actually seems amazing

finally got around to update of my bike. few things kept from original, frame, saddle, crank/pedals.
HUGE thanks to Sasha at Pony Bikes.
Got frame powder coated. Love the white so kept it. New forks. S/H Bianchi stem that was lying around at Pony. Nitto track Drops. Soyo grips through Dan at Shifter.
Sasha built my B43s laced to velocity fixed/fixed hub. bangin’

that looks fking sick!
well done

nice, black/white bikes FTW

The new fork has done the trick!

Good job mate

Is the rear wheel smaller than the front? Or is that some wierd optical illusion with the grey/white combo?

Think its the camera / bike angle. The front wheel looks like its “one brick” closer to the camera if ya look at the ground beneath.

Got me too… :stuck_out_tongue:

your bike looks like its on Smack is all.

but thats fine, nuthin wrong with a cap or tow of Horse every now and then