First build

Built myself this from a mix of new and used bits. Specs aren’t very exciting, parts were brought on a budget, but damn it’s fun.
Not sure whether I’ll use it as a commuter or do a bit of track cycling with it.
Drops feel a little deep for me so might change them after I get a bit of use out of them, other then that I’m pretty happy.

Would love any feedback or suggestions.

Thanks guys!!!

look good, what are the specs?

  • No-name 56cm frame
  • Oval concepts track drops
  • White track grips
  • 90mm Venzo stem
  • Venzo saddle
  • KMC chain (I think… it’s a spare I put on for the photo)
  • Quando hubs on deep V rims

Quite a few of these eBay frames going around, think its called TF something, even looks like visp rip off.

Looks fun! but I’d be sketchy riding breakless without some better gearrrr…but I’m sure others will disagree.

looks good!!
breakless on quando hubs can be sketchy, if they are the older kind that strip out quiet easily…

The frame’s a TFB or something like that, not sure who makes them, but yes it’s pretty much a cheap Visp rip off. Probably won’t be brakeless for much longer because I’m soft in the jocks and terrible at skids, just go to work out a front brake for it.
For now, gunning it round the block is TOPS!!!

Looks alright. Had a similar frame and I quite liked the build.

Quando hubs kinda suck (I still run them) so they will strip easily which might leave you in a stitch brakeless.

Otherwise, looks good, only thing is I think the bars have a tad too much drop for the frame size