First Fix

Hi guys,

New to the forum. Been lurking around for a little bit though.

Here’s my first fixie that i’ve built, mainly from unknown/no name parts. Started off as a red beach cruiser style bike, which i found on side of the road one day and decided to built it up. Didn’t look like anything special, but the frame was in really good condition so I what the hell, might as well give it a go. I was quite suprised at how well it actiually rides! I’m already wanting to built another!

nice photos, and nice bike!

+1 looks smooth as.

you’ll have to give us a reveiw on those halo tryes your running!

Cheers guys! Having a wicked time riding it!

I have to say that it’s really hard to compare to pther stuff I’ve ridden on. Mainly because these are the only tyres I’ve had on the bike. I run GP4000s’s on my roadie which all i can say for the time being is that they are quieter and smoother (obvious as they are pretty much a slick). But because of the different riding style on both bikes I find it hard to make a good comparison. In general though I’ve had no issues with the halo tyres at all, but I have yet to ride them in the rain.

Looks like a fun ride kermit!

Good work. :lol:

the bikes looks really nice. did you paint it yourself?

Na I got the frame sand blasted and powder coated after I ground down and welded up a few parts of the frame. The lime green stripe on the seat tube is just some vinyl that i’ve stuck on. I was going to paint it on, but it looks pretty good so it’ll stay for now.