First fixed build-Record

Technically this could be called my second build but the other one was a temporary conversion(Bianchi coversion , pics posted last year).
I had most of the parts laying around in the shed for a while but finally built it up just before Christmas.
I brazed some track ends on and had the frame powdercoated and some new decals printed.Not exactly what you would call tight geo but good enough for my daily commute. I have put just over a thousand k’s on it and rides fine.
Another one of those bikes where the front wheel cost more than the entire build…
I’m not a big fan of the matching tyre/frame combo but the rear was used on the Bianchi conversion earlier and will be replaced later.

No name bars
generic CrMo straight fork
old SLR seat
Campag cranks/ bottom bracket

No pics visible from where I’m sittin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice except for the Trispoke :?

Put it this way, if you sell it, you get to build another bike!!!

I dont know a lot about the Trispokes, are they the poormans Aerospoke or you just dont like the look of them?

It’s the other way round. Trispokes > Aerospokes.

I dont suppose that would apply to secondhand ones bought off Flea-Bay where the seller neglected to mention in his description that it runs out three mm :frowning:


I suppose not.

I didnt think so, never mind its no big deal. I might fit it as a rear wheel instead ,then the run out wont be so noticeable.

Just don’t like the look of them. Heavy plastic wheels just aint my thing.

Would look better on the rear I think. Very shiney :smiley:

Yes its strange, sometimes they are there and other times not.
Issues with Cyclebucket maybe?

um… trispokes are carbon not plastic… and fairly light being a track wheel

Rad front wheel!

Yeah, I actually bought it to go on my road bike but thought i would stick it on here just for a giggle.

is it AEROSPOKE heavier than Trispoke?

I dont know how much an Aerospoke weighs but the Trispoke with front axle fitted weighs 1062g

nice commuter :smiley:

aerospokes are fucking heavy much heavier then a trispoke. it feels like they way at least 2 kilo but fuck knows. i like trispokes but heads are the most pimpin

Looks great, but for some reason looks kind of stretched to me

As in the top tube is quite long